Desperate Declan turns on the villagers!

The villagers can’t find Katie so they sit in the pub and talk about her. They call it a ‘candle-lit vigil’, but Declan’s not impressed. He thinks it feels more like a wake and he doesn’t want that. He wants to believe Katie’s still alive and he thinks her friends should feel the same way. In private, though, with Megan, Declan admits that he thinks Katie’s dead. She’s not, but she could use some of those candles burning for her in the pub. She’s been using her phone as a torch, but the battery has run out. Katie can’t see anything as she drags herself through the tunnel, but her hearing’s 100 per cent and she clearly hears the tunnel collapse behind her. Now she has to keep going forward in the hope of finding a way out.

Edna wishes she could find a way out of the financial mess she’s in. Jimmy helps when he gives her back the hours Charity cut from her working week. But Edna still doesn’t have enough to pay Tootsie’s vet bill – and that bill’s only going to get bigger.

Val’s big concern is Amy… It’s nearly a year since Amy gave up her son Kyle for adoption and Val’s worried about how Amy will feel about Kyle’s first birthday.