Desperate Gary tells Alya the truth

Will Alya be able to keep Gary’s secret in Coronation Street?

Gary tells Alya that he’s signed up for some dangerous security work in the Ukraine to clear his debts. She’s horrified but agrees to deliver letters for Gary should anything happen to him. However when she drops the letter marked ‘Sarah’, will she read the contents before Gary leaves for the airport?

The police take Gemma in for questioning but Cathy assures Rita that Gemma would never steal from her.

Phelan’s chuffed when Nicola asks him if he’ll look over a flat she’s hoping to buy. Nicola tells Phelan how she took his advice and put in a reasonable offer, but the developer laughed in her face. Phelan demands the developer’s name.

Alya tells Rana that she slept with Luke but they didn’t have sex. When Rana finds out that Liz has signed up for some free vape cartridges and provided her bank details, she warns her she’s been scammed.