Desperate Leah sells The Diner

Leah finally tells Irene and Marilyn that she has to sell her share of The Diner, leaving them both extremely sad. Meanwhile, Zac is on the phone to a loan company, but someone is watching him and later breaks into their house and rummages through their stuff. Meanwhile, Irene delivers Leah’s paperwork to give up her share of The Diner but, as Leah signs on the dotted line, Zac confirms his loan application.

Alf comes home to noisy household, but is secretly pleased. The teens discuss the University Info day taking place the next day, when Maddy reveals she wants to take a gap year. Alf thinks it’s a brilliant idea, but Oscar isn’t as keen.

Roo and James get off to an awkward start at the University Info day, but the conversation soon flows. Meanwhile, Maddy considers going straight to university leaving Oscar chuffed. Josh is thinking about studying architecture and the course lecturer offers him some pills to help him concentrate.