Paul’s caught off guard when Roz from the DHS arrives, looking for Kate to discuss Sophie’s expulsion. Enquiring whether Paul knows where Kate is, on the spot, Paul insists that Kate’s merely on holiday and that Sophie’s staying with him while Kate’s away. But when Roz arranges an interview with Sophie, Sophie refuses to lie, or do anything, to cover for Kate.

It’s only when Tash reminds Sophie what’s at stake and that she could end up in foster care, she agrees to tow the family line and go along with Paul’s story. However, when Rhys inadvertently alerts Roz to Paul’s lies, she gives him an ultimatum – he has seven days to produce either Kate or proof of her return, or he risks Sophie being placed in foster care.

Toadie works feverishly to make amends with Charlotte, and when she insists as its Friday, he has to stay for after-work drinks, he has no choice but to agree. However, when Sonya calls and hears music in the background, she’s not impressed that he’s chosen work drinks over being at home with her.

Annoyed, and with Susan’s encouragement, Sonya throws herself into the redecoration of the lounge room. Not prepared to wait for Toadie to come home, Sonya takes matters into her own hands, giving the room a makeover she hadn’t quite planned on – an ugly, gaping hole in the wall.