Ronnie lies to Jack that the club night was a success. Roxy talks to Danny about helping Ronnie with the cost of private care for Jack, but Danny dissuades her. Meanwhile, Billy tells Heather he can’t afford to look after his kids. Billy asks Ronnie for a job at the club and is frustrated when she turns him down.

Ronnie is forced to close the club because she can’t afford an electrician to sort out the broken electrics. Ronnie looks at the club’s insurance letter again and calls Billy to say she has a job for him. Ronnie leaves Billy a package with a key for the club, a note and a wad of cash. Ronnie is in the hospital as the club goes up in flames…

Leon is shocked when Zsa Zsa dumps him by text. Leon chains himself to the gate and tells Zsa Zsa he’s not leaving until she talks to him. Zsa Zsa is unimpressed and grabs the key to the padlock and chucks it down a drain. Leon escapes and Zsa Zsa reveals she knows he got Lucy pregnant and she had a miscarriage. Leon blurts out about Lucy’s abortion. Peter overhears and is stunned.

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