Desperate Sam threatens David

*One-hour special*

Shadrach learns that Zak and Lisa are planning on applying for temporary custody of Samson and, shocked, he tells Sam and advises him to go on the run! Shadrach gives Sam a gun for emergencies, but Sam lands himself in hot water when he goes to the factory to ask Pollard for a loan. Finding no one there, Sam helps himself to the cash box and when David turns up he threatens them with a gun! Shadrach hides Sam in a deserted barn.

Val refuses to go to her hospital appointment and she locks herself in the ladies at the Woolpack. Eric orders her to come out and forces her to go to the hospital. Val is terrified when she learns that she will have to have two operations on her eyes to get rid of the cataracts.

Sandy passes out and Bob and Eric rush him to hospital. Sandy recovers but is ticked off by the doctor for failing to regularly take his diabetes medication. Sandy is disgruntled and when he gets back home he defies the doctor and heads to the pub. Sandy leaves his whisky after a touching chat with Ashley.

Also, Nick begs Carrie to go to Canada with him.