Desperate Tash’s lies grow

Tash freaks out when Andrew tells her he’s booked them a 12-week scan and she tells him she wants to do it on her own. However, Andrew puts his foot down and tells her he is coming with her. Desperate to keep her fake pregnancy a secret, Tash looks on the internet for reasons why not to have the scan and tells Andrew it’s too dangerous for the baby, so she won’t be having it.

When Andrew and Summer tell Tash she needs to have the scan she feels as though they are ganging up on her and storms off. But with Andrew not backing down, Tash comes up with another idea and orders a 12-week scan photo to be delivered.

Sophie is worried about Kate since Mark ended their relationship. She asks Sonya to talk to Kate but Kate doesn’t want to talk. Seeing how worried Sophie is, Sonya tries to explain to Kate that Sophie needs to understand what’s happening and she wants to help fix the situation for her sister.

Kate is upset when she realises Sophie is scared of losing her, like she did their mum. When Toadie vists to tell Kate the latest news, she is shocked when he points out that if she gets a criminal record, she won’t be able to teach.

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