Desperate, Tina and Tommy turn to Kirsty

A desperate Tina and Tommy turn to Kirsty – as a former copper they need her advice. As they confess everything, Kirsty’s horrified, realising they’ve been using the garage to conceal drugs and have lost all Tyrone’s savings. Angry she orders Tina and Tommy out before rounding on Tyrone. But this time Tyrone refuses to back down and gives an impassioned speech about family.

Back at the flat Tommy gets a call from Rick offering him a way out – one last job tomorrow that will clear his debt. But Tina reels as Tommy reveals what the job is Tina reels… It’s Rita’s wedding tomorrow and if Tommy gets caught he’ll go down for years.

Norris and Mary sport Dennis with old flame Norma, they take a snap on Mary’s mobile phone. Back on the street Rita’s hen do is in full swing when Mary shows her the picture. Rita crashes Dennis’s stag do and announces the wedding is off.

Anna’s stressed about how she’s going to replace everyone’s floral displays. However when Norris thanks her for his new hanging baskets she’s confused.

Also, Sean and Marcus are upset when Violet cancels their trip to see Dylan; Karl suggests to Sunita that they sneak off during tomorrow’s street party.