Despite pleading guilty, Rodney gets off! (VIDEO)

Rodney has squeezed several thousand more pounds out of Carl and now he’s got to stand up in court and be charged with Carl’s driving offences, which include knocking down a cyclist. Rodney’s not expecting the punishment to be too severe, but then disaster strikes: Rodney finds himself with a stand-in solicitor and is told he’s facing a judge who likes to make examples of offenders! Aaaaaargh. With Carl watching, a very nervous Rodney faces the judge – and the judge lets him off!

Rodney’s relieved, but Carl’s furious. He’s paid Rodney a fortune to take this conviction and he wants his money back.

Moira wants John back and is not handling his rejection well. She can’t face seeing John with Chas in the pub and phones in sick to work. Adam tries to assure his mum that his dad and Chas haven’t actually done the deed, but Moira’s sure they soon will.

Amy knew it was only a matter of time before social services found a family for Kyle and that time has come. How can she tell Val? Pollard agrees that it’s best to not tell her anything for now.

*Second episode*

Well, there was very little truth told in court, when Rodney owned up to Carl’s crimes. But Carl can’t hide from the truth any longer when Jimmy discovers that thousands of pounds are missing from the company’s account. Well, did Carl really think the missing money wouldn’t be noticed, especially with eagle-eyed Edna going through the books? Rodney isn’t prepared to give the money back and Carl realises he’s going to have to tell Jimmy the truth. And Jimmy tells him he’s going to have to put the money back immediately.

The way Rodney’s flashing the cash, he won’t have it for long – which means Carl will never get it back. Rodney’s drinking it away with Val, who’s flirting with him to annoy Pollard. And she’s annoyed with him because he has supported Amy’s decision to give up Kyle for adoption. Ah, Amy. She hears Val and Pollard arguing and tells them she won’t come home until peace breaks out.

Farmer John tells Moira he never wants her home and he wants her to stay away from the farm and to stop trying to turn the kids against him. Then he tells Chas he’s ready to move on with his life – and he wants her in it.