Dev is still trying to get back into Sunita’s good books. He gets the chance to organise a birthday bash for the twins when Sunita’s party plans fall through. Sunita hugs Dev when Jesse and Sean arrive to entertain the kids, and turn out to be a big hit. A jealous Matt looks on.

Sally is preparing for her operation and goes off to the hospital, and obviously nerves are almost getting the better of her.

Rosie, meanwhile, is back at Underworld and reacts badly to the Underworld girls bitching about Sally’s time off. Knowing the real reason for Sally’s absence, Rosie snaps at Kelly and Sally is forced to tell everyone about her illness.

Also, Gail is on cloud nine and practices writing Gail McIntyre over and over. Joe’s mind is elsewhere and suggests they get life insurance. Gail however, says they can’t afford it and he is left frustrated.

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