Karl’s spent the night in his cab and Lloyd sacks him, claiming he’s no longer welcome at Streetcars. Meanwhile, Dev has had a sleepless night and tells Stella he still loves Sunita and just wants her back. Sunita’s more interested in talking to Karl, but when he reveals he’ll do everything he can to put things right with Stella, Sunita’s disappointed.

At the Rovers Karl begs Stella to take him back, admitting he’s always loved her and Sunita was just a bit of fun. Stella isn’t interested in giving Karl any more chances while Dev desperately fails to persuade Sunita to give their relationship another go.

To David’s annoyance, Kylie invites Ryan to join them for a drink. Ryan’s drunk and Kylie thinks he’s hilarious.

When Marcus suggests to Sean they meet for a coffee, Sean’s hopeful Marcus still has feelings for him. Meanwhile when Maria spends the day with Jason and Liam, Marcus feels put out and suggests to Maria he’s in the way and should move back to London.

Also, Gary fusses over Izzy and tells her she should be taking it easy. Izzy’s annoyed and on Anna’s advice, Gary apologises to Izzy for making her feel smothered.