Dev confronts Sunita after finding a packed bag

Sunita and Karl plan to use some of Karl’s winnings, which Sunita has been looking after, for a night away. Inventing stories for both Stella and Dev it looks like they’re going to get away with it. But when Dev catches the kids playing shop with piles of real money he finds the hidden stash. Worried that Sunita’s hiding something he looks through her things before finding a bag packed with overnight clothes. Confronting Sunita, Dev demands to know what’s going on…

Tina hides at Rita’s and she questions whether it really is all over with Tommy. Sensing her heartbreak Dennis urges Tommy to throw himself on her mercy and tell her he loves her. But Tommy’s convinced he’s blown it and plans to get out of Tina’s life for good.

Amy’s pocket money goes missing and then Aadi’s games console is stolen, so Peter has a word with Simon to make sure he’s looking after his stuff. But when Carla finds the console in Simon’s bag they realise he could be the culprit!

Also, Owen and Anna head off for their weekend away, leaving Gary and Izzy in charge of Faye; Sean insists that Marcus uses his raffle prize of a meal at the Bistro to show Maria a good time.