Dev gets an offer he can’t resist!

Dev eagerly accepts an invite for dinner at Prem’s and discovers that Prem has invited his attractive young accountant to make up the foursome. However, Dev only has eyes for Nina and when Nina offers herself to him on a plate he can’t believe his luck!

Harry forces Clarissa to apologise to Liz and it kills both of them to be civil. Clarissa exchanges barely concealed insults with Liz before waltzing out with Harry, and Liz vows to win him back.

Becky decides to get Steve and Michelle back together and enlists Eileen’s help. It looks like there is a glimmer of hope when Michelle admits that she is miserable about their separation.

Also, the booze cruisers set off on their trip and Janice annoys Audrey by cracking open the beer.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Dev is stunned when Nina turns up at the shop and makes it clear she wants him. Dev arranges a date with Prem’s financial assistant to distract himself but when he returns to the shop, Nina is waiting. Will he give in to her seduction?

Kevin is feeling the pinch after having his prices undercut by a rival garage. Kevin is furious when he realises that the owner is Tony’s mate Jimmy and he storms back to the street to confront him.

Liz plays Clarissa at her own game and hangs around the bookies on the pretext of needing advice on a bet. Clarissa is furious but knows that she is powerless to stop Liz coming in.

Also, John makes some headway with his friendship with Fiz.