Dev propositions Leanne

Leanne is anxious as Dev arrives to look through the restaurant accounts. The customers are impressed with Paul’s cooking, but Dev tells Leanne that the books are a mess and that the profit margins aren’t great. He suggestively tells her the investment could be fun, but how will Leanne react to his proposition?

Claire is paranoid that everyone is talking about her and has a go at Hayley when she thinks that she is joining in. Claire tells Casey that she and Ashley keep arguing and Casey tells her things can’t continue like this. Ashley confides in Kevin that he is worried about Claire’s state of mind and is then shocked when she announces she is off to stay at her mum’s with Freddie. Once she has left Casey arrives at the Peacock’s on the pretext of looking for Claire. Will Ashley welcome her in?

Also, Steve goes mad when he discovers that Eileen has told Lloyd about Shania. Eileen gets annoyed when she finds that Lloyd has taken the holiday photo from her drawer of Steve and Shania together.