Dev rushes to stop Stella marrying Karl

As a nervous Karl prepares for his big day, Jason wants to go to Stella with his accusations, but Dev urges him to sit tight until he’s spoken to Craig, they need proof. Craig’s finally ready to talk, but Dev’s shocked when, with Beth and Kirk by his side, Craig reveals he’s adamant that he started the fire and Karl has been forcing him to keep it secret. But when Craig explains he dropped a cigarette when he saw Karl coming out of the pub that night the penny drops for Dev. He races to the registry office to stop Stella from making a huge mistake.

Sally’s dolled up to the nines as she waits for Tim to escort her to Stella’s wedding reception. But as time ticks away it looks like Tim has stood her up and let her down.

Marcus isn’t happy when he overhears Audrey painting a bleak picture of life at the flat, but Maria is more worried about Audrey’s unusually uptight behaviour. It’s clear there is something else on her mind.

Also, Anna frets about making a good impression on Faye’s new best friend Grace.