Dev starts to question Sunita’s guilt

Over dinner with Stella and Karl, Dev’s upset as the kids refuse to accept Sunita was a criminal and starts to question her guilt. Moved by their faith in their mum Dev starts to wonder if Sunita really was capable of murder. Karl squirms as Dev vows to push the police for answers.

With Tina’s words ringing in her ears Izzy agrees to grant Gary access to the baby. Worried about Tina’s growing feelings for the baby, Tommy insists she doesn’t have to go through this alone, he loves her, always has and always will. It’s clear that Tina’s despair is bringing her closer to Tommy.

Rob’s plan massively backfires when Carla catches him with the stolen silk and demands to know why he ripped her off. Rob’s defiant as he insists he was looking after number one, as Carla has done all their lives. Gutted by his betrayal Carla formulates a  plan to punish Rob.

Also, Ches has a change of heart and agrees to look after Joseph; and when a tired Katy insists she and Ryan come home early, Michelle wonders how long their relationship will last.