Dev tries to sabotage Dominic’s date

Dev does his best to sabotage Dominic’s date with Julie by warning him that she’s already got him pegged for marriage and sleeps with nine cats on her bed.

Lloyd tries to talk to Steve, concerned that he’s throwing his life away. But Steve’s only interested in his sports car and when Tyrone breaks the news to him that it needs £2k’s worth of repairs, he’s stunned when Steve tells him to go ahead with the work. Meanwhile, Liz dupes Steve and Michelle into working the same shift, hoping it’ll give them a chance to talk.

When Gavin fails to turn up for his appointment at the salon, Michael gives him a call. At first Gavin shouts at Michael to leave him alone, but later calls at No 8 apologising and suggesting it might be better if they didn’t see each other again. Michael’s gutted and begs Gavin to reconsider.

Also, Craig show Norris how to download the astronomy app on his tablet.