Dev vows to prove Sunita’s innocence

Karl panics when Dev admits the kids’ conviction about Sunita’s innocence has made him revisit his own questions about the fire. He was so grief-stricken at the time that he focused on the kids but now, in the cold light of day, he’s struggling to accept Sunita was capable of murder. Desperate for answers Dev vows to speak to the police about Sunita’s alleged crime.

Carla tells Rob her solicitor’s drawing up papers for him to sign. Tracy accuses Carla of ripping Rob off, urging him not to let Carla take his 30 per cent for nothing, but to push her for some cash. Rob clearly isn’t keen on Carla’s terms.

Tommy’s heartened to hear that Tina can come home, but Tina fails to disguise her reluctance to leave the baby she carried, who’s still so fragile. Izzy thaws a little when she and Gary decide to call their baby Jake, but Tina is gutted.

Also, when an old friend invites Sean and Marcus to his wedding reception it becomes clear that Marcus isn’t as keen on seeing their old pals as Sean is; Eileen struggles to sleep as she waits for Paul to return from his night shift.