Andy rows with Katie over Jo when he accuses her of spitefully inviting Jackie to the village to cause trouble. A miserable Katie later apologises to Jo and admits that she was feeling left out. Later, Andy confronts Jackie about her bad treatment of Jo and is confused when Jackie insists that Jo has made up lies about why they are estranged.

Len and Pearl attempt to coax Edna out of her house, but it’s proving very difficult. Pearl hints that Tootsie could do with a walk but finds herself lumbered with walking the dog herself. Pearl is beside herself when she lets Tootsie off the lead and the little dog goes missing. Edna is distraught when she hears the news.

Gray lies to Perdy that he’s got an appointment with the Kings’ accountant and instead heads off for another night of gambling at the casino with Diane. Gray feels guilty when he returns late that night to find Perdy asleep on the sofa, with a candle-lit dinner left untouched.

Also, Kelly makes another attempt to get money from Jimmy.