Devlin wants Smithy to pay

Still dealing with the riot by Afghan migrants on the Westgate Estate, Sergeant Callum Stone is stunned to find Sergeant Dale ‘Smithy’ Smith standing over the bloody body of Jason Devlin. But his first concern is for DC Stevie Moss, who is also unconscious after Jason attacked her. Callum calls for an ambulance and gets her to hospital, but tells Smithy he needs to get his story straight.

Smithy doesn’t have time to say anything, though, before Stevie tells trainee DC Will Fletcher that Smithy saved her life and Jason’s. Meanwhile, police have found that the bag Stevie wanted to examine in Jason’s car is full of stolen jewellery from the immigrants.

Back at Sun Hill, when DCI Jack Meadows asks Smithy who beat Jason, he says he doesn’t know. And it seems luck is on Smithy’s side, as Jason has regained consciousness and is saying he can’t remember anything about the attack on him.

But then the police find an Afghan who will admit he is helping Jason and his father Matthew with their people trafficking operation. Jack thinks he can use this and the stolen jewellery found in Jason’s car to force the Devlins to confess. But he’s stunned when, instead, Jason says he wants to make a complaint against Smithy for assault and planting the jewellery on him…