Dev’s in pieces as Sunita steps out with Karl

Sunita insists to Karl that together they can make it work. Karl’s not convinced, but with nowhere else to go he agrees to stay at Sunita’s. Bumping into Leanne, Sunita tells her Karl has moved in and they’re in love. When Leanne tells Stella, she puts on a brave face. Dev meanwhile is drunk in the shop flat. Finding him there Lloyd insists on taking him out to the bistro for dinner. But Sunita and Karl are already eating there and when Dev spies them enjoying a cosy meal, he launches himself at Karl. Lloyd and Nick drag him off and Dev returns to the corner shop to drown his sorrows.

Rob makes the factory girls stay behind to do overtime. Gary corners Rob in the gents, telling him not to overwork Izzy as she’s pregnant. Unaware, Izzy thanks Gary for showing some restraint and not mentioning anything to Rob.

At Maria’s suggestion, Marcus arranges a date with Aiden. They meet in the Rovers before heading into town. Sean’s clearly upset and Julie confronts Marcus.

Also, when Eileen finds Ryan asleep on the switch she’s astounded as Steve pays him and covers up for him in front of Michelle; Fiz, Katy, Gary and Izzy decide to organise a party for Chesney’s 18th.