Dex and Ruby are in big trouble

Charlie and Sid are furious with Dex and Ruby for stealing Sid’s car and partying all night. Both kids are grounded, but Ruby takes it especially hard as it means she can’t attend the Formal and find true love. Charlie blames Angelo for not taking more responsibility when Ruby wasn’t home the night before.

Angelo talks to Ruby, and she convinces him to try and convince Charlie to lift the ban. He tries, and it only makes Charlie more angry. She tells him to stay out if it.

Dex is disillusioned by the whole experience, worried he’ll never fit in. Marilyn encourages him to embrace his uniqueness.

Roo is confused when John sets her work to do for him in New York, convinced it’s a cover story to legitimise the money he was sending to Hugo. John insists they need to make it real in case they’re investigated.

Charlie immediately suspects what’s going on and cryptically warns Roo to be careful when proceeding with whatever she’s involved in. Angelo also gives his opinion on the subject and Roo is left conflicted about whether or not she’s doing the right thing. With no-one else to turn to, she goes to tell Alf the truth.

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