Dex catches April warning Steph off

April notices Dex is down and eventually gets him to reveal his worries for Romeo, though he doesn’t want to talk further. However, Dex does seem to want to open up to Steph and their friendship grows stronger. Then April witnesses a friendly hug between the two and takes it upon herself to tell Steph that she doesn’t think it’s a good time for Dex to be in a relationship. But Dex has overheard and has stern words for April – how dare she interfere in his life like this. He makes it clear he thinks they should stay away from each other. Later, Dex meets with Steph to apologise and their conversation ends in a kiss…

With Spencer away, Maddy has nothing to do and is on the lookout for a time-filler. Then Jett suggests becoming a lifesaver and Maddy latches on to the idea. John’s sceptical at first but agrees to coach her to get her qualifications and Roo and Harvey offer to pay her fees. Harvey is also missing Spencer and tells Roo he’s upset because his son Ben would have been a teenager now if he hadn’t drowned.

And Zac approaches Gina about getting some casual teaching work at the school. She agrees to talk to him but is shocked to learn he’s done jail time for dealing drugs at uni. Will Gina still consider him?