Xavier is despondent since discovering that April effectively cheated on him with Dex. In spite of this, Dex and April decide to go on their first public outing as a couple. However, when they bump into Xavier on the beach, he takes a vengeful swing at Dex and it’s clear that things are far from over in this scenario. In an attempt to cool things down, Xavier meets up with April, but when she realises Xavier wants them to get back together things quickly disintegrate and Xavier leaves fuming.

Sid and Roo have just started dating but Roo is adamant that Sid must discuss their relationship with his kids before they go any further. After all, he’s just broken up with Marilyn and things are still a little messy and unclear to the kids.

Indi and Romeo are moving in together as husband and wife. Indi gets upset when she finds Sid seemingly on a date with Roo. Furious, she begins to wonder if Sid was cheating on Marilyn with Roo. Indi confronts Roo with what she knows but Roo insists she speak to Sid instead. Indi tells Roo that Marilyn deserves to know – and that she’s about to find out…