Dex feels useless

Dex tries to get April to focus on her HSC but is stunned when she says she can’t face studying and is disillusioned with the idea of becoming a doctor. He attends his physio session with Lisa and reveals his frustration at his limitations but Lisa convinces him he can still be useful. With this in mind, Dex visits Gina and arranges for April to get special consideration for her HSC. Gina tells April, who thanks Dex for helping her, much to Dex’s delight.

Meanwhile, Sid tells Lisa that what happened between them was a mistake and mustn’t happen again. Later, however, after seeing Dex managing April’s situation, Sid changes his mind and tells Lisa he’d like to see her again.

John returns and apologises to Marilyn but Gina accidentally walks in on them and storms off. John catches up with her and tries to explain, claiming that their marriage is broken. Gina takes her annoyance out on some of the students and when one of them complains, Jett is provoked into starting a fight. Later, Gina is stunned when Jett asks to stay with John for a while.

And Romeo and Indi go on a date together but are unsure how to deal with each other. Indi later calls Romeo to tell him she wants to make things work and is relieved to discover Romeo is on the same page.