Dex gets the ‘father test’

Concerned about his court case and it’s effect on Lottie, Harvey decides to spend more time with her and invites her over for a special lunch. Lottie sees it as a great opportunity for Harvey to give Dex the ‘father test’ and brings him, too. At the lunch, Dex’s quirky character initially confuses Harvey but he sees that his daughter’s boyfriend is on the level and asks him to look after Lottie should he go to jail. Later, Harvey learns that his lawyer is insisting on a guilty plea or they won’t represent him, so Harvey decides to represent himself.

After Hayley kisses Liam, he decides he isn’t the best person to help her detox and leaves. He returns with Brax only to find she’s disappeared and Liam blames himself, but Hayley turns up at Leah’s house and it looks like she’s starting to turn a corner. Liam realises he can’t give up on her but is he getting too close?

Marilyn is concerned that Colleen isn’t going to spend her winnings wisely and when she realises that Colleen only wants to live near her son, she decides to intervene, calling Lance to explain. To Colleen’s surprise, Lance asks her to move to Las Vegas to live near them and she happily agrees, announcing to her friends that she’s leaving the Bay in a couple of days.