Dex is awake but confused

Sid tries to explain to Dex that he’s had a brain injury and has just woken up from a coma. His speech is affected and it could take some time to recover but Sid explains to April that some of the injuries may be permanent. Dex is clearly confused and everyone’s worried for him but when April fusses over him too much, he has a violent outburst and hits her in the process.

Knowing that Tim wants Roo back, Harvey tries to convince her not to go into business with him, though she only sees the job as a great career opportunity. Alf has a quiet word with her, suggesting she tries to see things from Harvey’s viewpoint and Roo seems to come around to his way of thinking. Then Harvey storms in and forbids her to go into business with Tim, changing Roo’s mind back again…

And Indi sees that Romeo is still reeling from her betrayal and apologises for hurting him so much. He tells her not to worry and that he’s still in love with her, making Indi realise just how much she’s messed things up.