Dex is coming home

Indi and Sasha are overjoyed to hear that Dex is coming home, but Sid warns them that they’ll all need to pitch in to help. April wants to be there for him, too, and asks Sid if she can stay at the farm to look after Dex. He reluctantly agrees. Later, Brax and Heath turn up offering their help and Sid is overwhelmed by their support. When Dex arrives, he’s clearly happy to be home but Sasha quickly realises just how much help he’s going to need.

Heath is still angry with Bianca and when she comes around to talk to him, he bites her head off, reinforcing her beliefs about him. Later, however, both April and Brax illustrate how Heath has changed his life for the better and Bianca comes round and apologises to her partner. But Heath isn’t in a forgiving mood.

Marilyn mentions to Gina that she’d had dinner with John, shocking Gina in the process. She gives her husband a chance to come clean but he lies again and, later, she confronts him. He confesses he doesn’t really know why he lied, explaining how he feels left out since Jett’s return, but Gina realises she can no longer trust him…