Dex is desperate to find April

Dex is horrified by April’s reaction and is desperate to find her but, after a heart-to-heart talk, Sid soon calms him down. Meanwhile, April confides in Irene that she misses the old Dex though Irene counsels to bide her time; she’s sure things will get better. April helps Bianca clean up Heath’s place, but after a sisterly discussion decides to head back to Dex. He’s relieved to see her home and has prepared a romantic scene in his bedroom, where April resolves to get to know her boyfriend again.

John visits Marilyn to discuss the attempted kiss, but Marilyn clearly isn’t interested in his advances. Roo realises something is going on and talks to John who admits his feelings for Marilyn and his confusion. She’s shocked and warns him that he, Gina and Marilyn could all get hurt.

Heath and Bianca have moved into Heath’s place while Brax and Casey are away, with the intention of eventually getting their own place. Once all is sorted, they settle down for an intimate evening together when an unexpected visitor turns up – it’s Heath’s mum and she’s coming to stay.