Xavier comes to just as Charlie arrives at the scene and calls an ambulance. Xavier is rushed to hospital but has luckily only suffered minor injuries. The trauma brings Dex and April closer together and even Xavier clocks something between them during a hospital visit. Dex finally finds the courage to tell April how he feels, but she cuts him off, anticipating what he is about to say. Dex is devastated again.

Colleen is convinced her brush with death was the hand of God who struck her down for all her gossiping. When Elijah and Leah visit Colleen, she crumples into tears. Later, she talks things over with Morag and reveals that she feels she is being punished by God for being uncharitable to Elijah.

John tells Gina about the development plans for Summer Bay and how he has been asked to attend a tourism convention in Hawaii. He says he was wondering whether Gina would come with him. But just as Gina accepts, she receives a call with the news of Xavier’s accident. Can she still go to Hawaii when her son’s in hospital?

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