Dex tells Indi he wants to propose to April

Dex, while reflecting on his accident and how close he came to death, creates a bucket list. First up is surfing, right up Indi’s alley! Sid is happy to see Dex is so positive, until Indi receives a letter from Romeo’s lawyer. He’s signed over his half of the gym to Indi. They now know that Romeo’s still alive. While teaching Dex to surf, Indi reveals that if she’d known what was coming she wouldn’t have taken what she’d had with Romeo for granted. Dex, inspired by this, decides to propose to April.

Zac and Natalie come home bickering. Leah’s annoyed that VJ has been exposed to their domestics, and tells Zac that one of them needs to move. Natalie maintains she doesn’t love Brax, she loves Zac. However, Zac feels like a consolation prize, and heads off to the city for a break. Leah feels guilty but Natalie takes this as an opportunity to reflect.

VJ finally meets Jett’s girlfriend – it turns out they have a sordid past. VJ gives Jett an ultimatum – it’s either him or Nina. VJ tells him that he thinks Nina stole his Pokemon card.