Dexter discovers Sam is his dad!

Sam has stayed the night at the B&B. An oblivious Dexter sees Sam in the cafe and plots to get him together with Ava, thinking he’s Ava’s old friend ‘Jacob’. Arranging to meet Sam for a drink, Dexter has second thoughts about his matchmaking scheme, not wanting to annoy his mum. When Ava walks in to see Sam she goes ballistic. Ava lets Sam’s real name slip out and a stunned Dexter realises he’s standing in front of his dad!

Lucy leaves Ian with a blank cheque to pay the supplier when she has a meeting with the bank. When the contractors at the restaurant burst a pipe, Ian’s in desperate need of a plumber. Learning that Sam’s a plumber, he convinces him to do the job, paying him with the blank cheque left by Lucy.

Alice is nervous about her new job with Janine. Not wanting Alice to back out, Michael persuades her that she’s doing the right thing. Intimidated by Janine, Alice has a couple of clumsy incidents. But the tension lifts after Alice realises that Janine is nervous around Scarlett, giving her a few tips. Michael is pleased when Alice visits to report back on her day with Janine.