Dexter finds Ava with Sam!

Cora is annoyed when she finds out that Ava still hasn’t told Dexter about Sam. When a guilty Ava confesses that she can’t give up Sam, Cora insists if she doesn’t tell Dexter by tomorrow, she’ll do it herself. Ava asks Dexter to meet her for lunch, but bottles out of telling him the truth. When Dexter later walks in on Ava talking to Sam about it, Ava is forced to confess.

Jean watches, terrified, as Ian goes into the trashed restaurant. Seeing the damage, he immediately assumes that Carl was responsible. Shirley and Bianca force Jean to return to work. When she bursts into tears in front of Ian, he assumes it’s because of his harsh words, not Jean’s guilt. When Janine insists on calling the police, Ian tries to talk her out of it, while Shirley and Bianca pressure Jean to keep quiet to stop Bianca being sent back to prison.

Kat thinks Michael needs to get on Janine’s good side if he wants to see Scarlett. After learning from Billy that Janine just wants to feel needed, Michael tells Janine he’s glad she’s back in his life, as life is dull without her. Michael tells a horrified Kat that he’s planning on making Janine fall back in love with him!