Dexter is determined to help Sam

Dexter confesses to Ava he’s a match for Sam, but promises not to say anything. Conflicted, when he finds Sam in the Vic, he can’t help himself and tells Sam he’s a match. Sam reassures Ava that he won’t let Dexter go through with an operation. They are stunned when Dexter returns home having made a decision – he can’t let Sam die and he’s going through with it.

Michael is enjoying his control over Alice, deleting a text from Tamwar on her phone. Confused that Alice hasn’t replied, Tamwar tries to talk to her, but she’s distracted by a call from Michael. A frustrated Tamwar confronts Michael, demanding to know what he’s playing at with Alice. When Alice realises Michael deleted a text from Tamwar she’s annoyed, kissing Tamwar to make a point.

Carol is under pressure managing the Butcher household while Bianca is away. Meanwhile, Bobby and Tiffany are still secretly contacting each other on the walkie-talkies. When Ian finds Bobby writing Tiffany a note, he makes him rewrite it to tell Tiff he’s breaking up with her. Carol struggles to comfort a tearful Tiff, appreciating some advice from Masood.