Jay is worried that Dexter will tell Abi he kissed Kitty, but Dexter has more important things on his mind… namely Phil’s missing £10,000! After discounting Cindy’s suggestion that Kitty was the thief, the teens decide that Bob must have taken the money. As Dexter, Lola and Peter distract Bob, Jay starts up the car and the teens jump in and roar off.

Back home, a fuming Phil, who has had a call from Bob, confronts them. Phil insists that Bob wouldn’t steal from him. Saying he wants talk to Dexter alone in the Arches, Phil grabs a wrench, forcing Dexter’s hand onto a car bonnet. Phil smashes the wrench next to Dexter’s hand, telling the terrified mechanic that he wants his money. Meanwhile, Cindy is at Ian’s unpacking her bag containing the missing £10,000…

Jean thinks Ollie’s not interested now he knows she’s bipolar. When Ollie returns to say he wants a future with her, Jean is over the moon. Making plans to spend the afternoon together, Jean becomes a little manic andOllie suggests they arrange it for another day. Believing that Ollie won’t cope with her dark times if he can’t manage her manic times, Jean breaks up with him.

Also, Billy has enjoyed his fling with Tara.