Dexter takes out his anger on Jay’s car!

Sam leaves Ava with a dilemma when she works out that Jay sold the car to him. Insisting that he just wanted to do the right thing, Sam begs Ava not to tell Dexter. When Dexter is suspicious that Ava bought the car, she lets slip that it was Sam. A furious Dexter storms to the Arches and attacks the car with a metal bar as a stunned Sam and Ava look on.

After stealing blank cheques from Lucy to cover bills for the new restaurant, Ian swallows his guilt as Lucy is supportive of his new venture. When Lucy questions how Ian is paying for everything, Ian reveals that he used £10,000 he found in Derek’s lock box, lying that Janine put in the rest of the money. Ian is relieved when Lucy is convinced.

Alice arranges a fun picnic in the house for Janine and Scarlett, taking pictures of mother and daughter together. Janine reminisces that she has hardly any pictures of her with her own mum, vowing to make things different for Scarlett. Janine later catches Alice stealing her earrings, forcing Alice to confess she’s stressed out as she’s secretly been taking Scarlett to see Michael.