Diagnosis on Demand? The Computer will See you Now – BBC2

Dr Hannah Fry explores how AI - Artificial Intelligence is starting to transform healthcare beyond recognition

Can a machine ever be better than a doctor?

That’s the question Dr Hannah Fry is exploring as she investigates how AI – or artificial intelligence – is changing our healthcare system.

The film goes behind the scenes 
at British company Babylon Health, who believe AI is the answer to our chronic shortage of doctors and overwhelmed NHS.

They have already launched an 
app called GP at Hand, which 30,000 Londoners use.

Diagnosis on Demand? BBC2

In Rwanda, a chronic shortage of doctors mean diagnosis via mobile phone could save doctors having to walk for days to see patients

On a mobile phone users discuss their symptoms with a ‘chatbot’ and can access a doctor in minutes, 24/7.

But can we trust the tech, and how do GPs feel about the takeover?

TV Times rating: ****