Staring at the anonymous email, Susan is confused and decides to delete it. However, she gets another one asking if she got the first message that Diana didn’t push Paul.

Kate and Sophie are still undecided about who should be their new housemate; Lucas or Kyle. When Declan tells Kate he doesn’t think Kyle should move in, she reminds him he no longer has a say in her life. Lucas is stoked when the girls tell him they have chosen him and he can move in asap.

Diana is formerly charged and Susan pays her a visit, saying she wants to run a story on the case. Diana picks up that Susan knows something and begs her to help. When Susan receives another email saying ‘Don’t believe the police’ Susan decides to write back, asking for proof.

Kate is babysitting India and, when Declan arrives to collect her, Kate invites him in for a cuppa. Things become serious and Declan apologises to Kate for how he treated her. They kiss and one thing leads to another. However, Kate feels guilty when she tells Declan that they still need space from each other.

When the West Warratah Star arrives the next morning, Rebecca is horrified to see details of Paul’s affair splashed across the front page.

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