Sinead plants the idea that Tony and Blessing are an item in her mum’s head. Tony and Blessing head to the hospital but Diane’s heart breaks when she sees them together. Blessing gets the good news that she can have her surgery in eight months and Dennis declares that he wants to be with her properly. Meanwhile, Diane confronts Tony and then decides to speak to Blessing.

Diane and Tony arrive at College Coffee where the music is blaring as Blessing promotes her first big party. Tony is desperately trying to explain to Diane and as Blessing turns the music down, Diane unintentionally reveals that Blessing was born male to the whole cafe. Dennis promises to stand by an upset Blessing, but secretly he’s scared about what the future holds.

Leela is seething that her whole family seems to be fine with Danny being part of their lives again and decides she’s going to tell Peri the truth. Sam and Danny are desperate to put on a united front and stop Leela telling Peri that she’s her mum. It doesn’t work and Leela decides she’s going to find Peri’s dad, Cameron, and they can raise her together.

Also, as Dodger returns and Sienna tells him what’s happened, he tells Patrick to leave them alone – he’s not their dad anymore.