Diane drives off to visit Finn, who’s on remand in prison as he awaits trial for allegedly raping John Paul. But Diane’s clearly not coping and has to stop the car. Sinead finds the car parked up and Diane asks her to visit Finn with her – will he be surprised to see them?

Meanwhile, Carmel is horrified when she discovers what her family has done to Sonny and decides to tell the police. Her family persuades her not to and instead they go to pay their respects at the lake, but the police are already there hoisting Sonny’s car out of the water…

When Ste promises John Paul he’ll be in court with him every day, John Paul tells Ste he can’t give evidence. Will his decision jeopardise his future?

Also, as Nancy and Darren argue, Darren is tempted to go back to gambling when he sees a game of poker being played at Trevor’s club.