Diane begs Val’s forgiveness

Diane begs Val to forgive her for getting involved with Billy, but she promises her that they never slept together. The sisters have a heart to heart, but Diane is terrified that Val will tell Jack and she breaks down. Val relents and agrees to keep her secret quiet but she warns her that when Billy gets out of prison, he may not be so willing to keep his silence.

Jimmy is the worse for wear after his stag do and Kelly fears the worst. When Rodney and Paul sheepishly admit that Jimmy had a private dance at a lap dancing club, she confronts him. Jimmy insists that he couldn’t tell her about what happened as Lexi was the stripper. Kelly can’t resist telling arch enemy Carrie the news and Carrie is appalled.

Sam decides that he needs to get a second job if he’s going to move out of the Dingles, but he doesn’t have much luck trying to find one. Doug suggests that Sam saves his earnings and opts out of giving money to the Dingle pot. Zak and Lisa are surprised by an assertive Sam when he tells them that he will no longer be putting money into the kitty.