Hundreds of miles from Emmerdale, in la Belle France, Diane’s holiday with charming Charlie has acquired a romantic flavour… Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Mais oui! One minute Diane just wants to hold hands and keep everything above the sheets then, after playing the hero, Charlie finds himself being kissed and led to her bed! She’d better not put that in a postcard to hopelessly devoted Doug!

Now the outcome of Nicola’s court case is known she can stop holding her breath. But is it Jimmy’s head next to hers in bed, or is she sharing a cell with someone she definitely doesn’t want on what is supposed to be her honeymoon? And what sort of reception are the villagers giving Viv?

Love – or at least lust – is in the air in Emmerdale, too. Maisie catches Mummy making nice with Declan and doesn’t mind one bit. In fact, she encourages them. Of course, if she knew Mummy had killed Daddy she might react differently. But there’s no chance of her finding that out, is there..? There’s every chance that Chas will find out flirty Eve has been tempting Carl to play away. And when she does it’s going to kick-off big time…

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