Diane lays into Bart

Jason is unnerved by the tension between him and Bart. He is left heartbroken when the lad angrily brushes him off, worried about his true feelings. Bart heads over to Sinead’s to assert that he’s straight. He beds the pretty teenager while they’re home alone but later Diane returns to find the couple post-coital and banishes Bart from Sinead’s life.

Rhys and the McQueens beg, borrow and steal all they can to come up with the money. It looks like Jacqui and Rhys can still live in the village and make their marriage work. After the debacle of getting hold of the money, Rhys and Jacqui settle for the night in their new home. Rhys gets Jacqui the duvet to sleep on the sofa but she decides she wants to try sleeping in the bed with him. Jacqui falls asleep in Rhys’ arms and it’s a massive step forward for the happy couple.

Mitzeee finds she has bitten off more than she can chew trying to win Riley and Mercedes’s engagement party and she blackmails Cheryl into helping her. The pair join forces to win Mercedes round and, with a little help from Warren, Mercedes is sold on a party at Chez Chez.

Also, Mitzeee is over the moon and promises Nancy that the last chapter of her book is going to be the best ever. She begins her plans to steal the show.

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