Rob has been made Acting Head of school, and Sinead and Finn are not looking forward to class today. Diane panics when Rob’s not home as she needs her IVF shot. She makes Sinead administer the injection. Sinead snaps at her and calls her Diane, rather than Mum. Finn is shocked. They argue about it, but are interrupted when Rob arrives home.

India and Cindy fret over Alastair in his hospital bed. Alastair hopes his feigned attack has persuaded Cindy to stick with him, but India has other ideas. Alistair proposes again, but India interrupts and Cindy does a runner. Later, Darren asks to see the pre-nuptial agreement and reveals she only gets the lot if Alistair dies.

Rhys tries to get Steph to talk to a heartbroken Gilly, but she floors him with the news that her cancer is terminal. Steph confesses her feelings of guilt at having ignored the warning signs from Gilly. Rhys tells her she shouldn’t waste any more of the time that she and Gilly have left together.

Also, Eva tries to make herself useful by doing Ravi’s washing up. She makes a pass at him and he gives in, letting her stay in the flat a while longer.

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