Diane’s keeping her eye on Steve… (VIDEO)

Diane doesn’t like Steve – and with good reason. He’s slippery like a snake and creepier than waking up and finding a big spider on your pillow – and Diane sees all of that in him. She also sees him spending a lot of time around Nicola and starts to wonder what he’s up to… He left his marriage and Bernice left hers – and her daughter – so they could be together. But now that they’re settled in Emmerdale, Steve seems to be paying more attention to Bernice’s sister, Nicola – and Nicola’s not knocking him back…

Debbie had a huge knock back when Andy told her he wouldn’t let her have Sarah and Jack. She thought he might calm down when all the fuss with Social Services was over, but he hasn’t. In fact, he’s taking things further… Debbie hears Andy talking about gaining full custody of their children and hatches a plan to get them back. Basically, she’s going to snatch the kids and do a runner!

It looks like Declan’s going to play by Katie’s rules. He has called the police and they’re at his glamping site. Katie gets there quickly, but she’s not there to support Declan… And he hasn’t called the cops to keep her happy!