She may not have meant to, but Diane has been toying with Doug’s affections for weeks. And the worst of it is that Doug thinks she’s serious about him. But not for much longer… Doug tells Charlie to back off because Diane’s not interested in him and he prepares a romantic meal to share with her. But Diane has no appetite for his attempts to woo her and makes it clear that they will never be more than just friends. Ouch!

Meanwhile, frisky filly Eve insists that her flirting with Farmer John is just fun; she doesn’t actually want him. John doesn’t know that, though. Flattered by Eve’s attention, he shares family business with her, revealing that Holly has been taking drugs. Before you know it, he’ll be expecting Eve to run around after him just like Moira does.

Aaron’s courageous stand in court quickly comes back to haunt him courtesy of the local press… His case has made the local paper and now everyone who reads it is going to know he’s gay – and even those who don’t read it will find out because some people (Viv) just love to gossip. Aaron’s determined to carry on as normal. But will he be able to?

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