Diane suffocates Tony with love

With the news still hanging heavy on Diane’s mind, she is gutted that Tony couldn’t tell her the truth. When Cindy explains why he did it, Diane is overwhelmed with emotion and wants to stand by him. Diane smothers Tony, making sure he has all the rest, healthy food and daylight he needs. But all Tony wants is a pack of biscuits and to be left alone. However, Finn helps Tony escape and they bond, both grateful for someone to talk to.

Darren chooses Sienna over his wife following yesterday’s outburst. Esther is suspicious and encourages Darren to speak to Nancy. Instead, Sienna goes to see Nancy and convinces her that she got those pills on Nancy’s orders. Darren gives in and goes to see Nancy at the McQueen’s, but as he walks in, he sees her about to take two pills and concludes that he was right not to believe her.

Ste goes to see Lindsey to apologise for yesterday. He gets talking to Freddie and when he says he needs cash, Ste offers him the chance to make some, fast.

Also, Freddie comes to Lindsey’s aid.