Diane tells Billy it’s over!

Diane and Jack return to the village and Diane finds herself coming face to face with Billy when she’s forced to accompany Daz to visit Billy at the prison. When Daz leaves the pair alone while he gets coffee, Diane makes it clear that nothing can happen between them ever again. Meanwhile, Jack tells a very surprised Val that Diane admitted to falling for John the drayman.

Paul is miserable when Rodney takes his words to heart and moves out and in with Nicola. Paul is frosty with Nicola when he sees her in the pub and she tells him that he’s being petty. Paul refuses to back down and tells her that he’ll continue to be so as long as Rodney is under her spell.

Kelly worries about the upcoming stag and hen nights and she tells Carl and Matthew that she doesn’t want them taking Jimmy on a raucous night out. Kelly then has a word with Viv, who has taken it upon herself to organise the hen night and she insists that she doesn’t want anything tacky. Viv and Donna ignore Kelly’s wishes and plot to hire a stripper!

Also, Matthew is astonished that Perdy has decided to stay with Gray.