Diane wants Doug to be her Valentine

Doug has reunited with his ex, Hilary (remember her? Sour-faced nag who was always right about everything – or so she thought. What is he thinking?), and is about to sail off into the sunset with her (literally – they’re going on a cruise). So Diane decides it’s the perfect time to tell Doug that she loves him and she wants him. Well, it is Valentine’s Day. Trouble is, when Doug loved Diane and wanted her she was making goo-goo eyes at conman Charlie. Doug gently makes this point and they part as friends not lovers.

Faye, on the other hand, does appear to have been struck by Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s Day – but we think it’s more likely to be the Devil’s fork that’s prodding her to have an affair with Cain. She beds the bad Dingle again when she finds him waiting for her after Charity takes Noah and moves in with Chas at Victoria cottage (that place is like a Tardis!)

Andy sees Henshall getting lovey-dovey with Katie and ruins the moment by pushing Henshall to lose his temper. Katie’s shocked by Henshall’s threatening behaviour, but Andy’s not scared, he’s just determined to prove his innocence.