Diane makes it back from Spain without having succumbed to any smooth-talking Senors and wants to get her life back on track. She’s going to need money to do that and is keen to push through the sale of The Woolpack. There’s just one problem… Nicola doesn’t want it any more. She wants more of a family life, where she has time to nag Jimmy and fuss over Angelica. Jimmy’s stunned and Diane’s furious. Conman Charlie left her with a lot of debt and she needs to sell the pub to clear it up. Now, who in Emmerdale can afford to buy a pub…?

Aaron and Jackson are also back from overseas, all loved up after their holiday and thinking about living together. Does this mean it’s time for Hazel and Chas to buy new hats? Not so fast. The boys fall out when Aaron sells Pearl that dodgy motor he invested in.

Declan delivers another body blow to Nathan when he sacks him. As he explains to Natasha, he owns the majority of the business and he doesn’t want Nathan to have any part of it. Nathan’s furious, but there’s nothing Mummy can do about it.

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